Online Sandals making workshop


The online Sandals making workshop consists of 5 recorded classes (length of each class is between 10-20 min).

In this workshop you will learn how to make your own leather sandals with adjustable strap. You will make pattern for your own feet, dye the leather in your choice of colour, make holes and glue the straps and rubber sole. We will be using only hand tools and no experience is needed.

The online Sandals making workshop will be open from the 15th Oct in a private Facebook group where you will have access for one month until the 15th Nov 2021.
The 5 classes will be released over 5 days starting on the 15th Oct.
In addition you will be getting support from me in this group and you can also connect with other people who are making shoes.

Sandals making Kits are available from me or you can source materials and tools yourself. You will get a detailed list of what will be needed on the workshop.